Friday, November 28, 2008

Polish Binoculars : Our Family Of Antique Binoculars

Antique binoculars is our family treasures.
Many families have treasures that are special to them because they were passed from one generation to another. Antique binoculars make a wonderful remembrance of not only use but also to preserve a family legacy. A few years ago, my father came across a pair of binoculars, which was bought by my grandfather when he was in Germany during the Second World War. antique binoculars

They are absolutely the best binoculars I've ever seen. The framework and the cases are made from solid brass that makes them heavier, but they certainly stand the test of time. I borrowed the binoculars from my father to take on an upcoming camping trip. Well, I guess I must tell you I borrowed my father without permission! I was heart broken because I lost these antique binoculars that the campsite. I searched for them, but finally abandoned assuming they have been forever lost.

Fast forward two years and one day I was looking at some auction sites online. One point that caught my attention was immediately a pair of antique binoculars. They look very similar to those that I had "borrowed" for my camping trip. They are not the same pair I had lost, but the exact same model. I made sure I did not bid on the auction and they looked forward to their arrival in the mail.

I was very pleased when they were finally delivered. I decided to be polished and then put them to good use. I could see surprisingly well through these antique binoculars. There is no sense of distortion with the images at all. I placed in a safe place at home and looks forward to the Christmas holiday was fast approaching.

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